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What Separates Our Opportunity from Other Pizza Brands

January 30, 2023
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The consumer demand for pizza that still exists in today’s market has made opening a pizza business an intriguing opportunity for many entrepreneurs. However, with so many pizza brands already in operation, it can be difficult for new pizza makers to attract consumers and build a loyal customer base. This is part of the reason why entrepreneurs are finding it easier to franchise with an established pizza brand rather than starting a traditional small business. Even then, the best pizza business opportunities come from pizza brands that possess unique differentiators compared to what most others can offer – such as what a Mr Gatti’s Pizza can provide through our family entertainment center (FEC) concept.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has served as a consumer favorite in many of the markets we have entered since our start five decades ago. While we first became known for the delicious pizza that we make, Mr Gatti’s would soon become a unique destination for our entertainment center offerings. Consumers took notice, as few other pizza makers could match our quality of pizza and family fun experience. Many of the customers who visited us in our earlier years were able to create many fond memories during their younger years – and will likely be eager to recreate them again today with members of their families and communities.

Fun for Everyone

Most other pizza makers focus solely on their food menu, believing that is enough to impress the average consumer. While they may be able to gain some business due to the consumers in proximity within their market, pizza alone is unlikely to win fierce loyalty from a significant number of customers. Building this level of support is critical to the growth potential of any business. This is where Mr Gatti’s Pizza’s FEC aspect comes into play and makes the difference for our franchisees.

The family entertainment center concept is one that has been tried before by other businesses, but often with certain limits to their success. Most other FECs in today’s market are solely focused on building an experience that appeals to younger children rather than family members of all ages. As a result, their FEC is often limited to hosting events like birthday parties and school field trips for early ages. This puts a limit on the customer base they can cultivate through the limited features and activities their FEC offers.

At each Mr Gatti’s FEC location, we have built an experience that can attract community members of all ages, thanks to our arcade games and party rooms. Each of our franchisees consults with us to select arcade games to add to their FEC. These games often include a combination of arcade classics that appeal to individuals who grew up playing them and are still recognizable to younger community members, along with newer, eye-catching selections that further intrigue customers. We also ensure that each new addition to our arcade rooms is appropriate for all ages so that customers feel comfortable playing it and can bond with the other guests from their community as they play side by side.

Another unique differentiator for Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees is our party rooms, which are known to host community gatherings for many groups while offering plenty of space to accommodate a good amount of people without cramping in attendees. These private areas have been known to hold events for town halls, fundraisers, celebrations, work outings, and more. Serving our party-going customers a tasty, buffet-style pizza in our spacious event rooms creates a memorable experience — one that guests will find easy to plan yet difficult to duplicate at a traditional pizza shop.

Plenty of Space

Another important reason other pizza makers cannot offer the same FEC capabilities that a Mr Gatti's franchise can is their lack of necessary space to comfortably satisfy larger groups. Mr Gatti’s Pizza ensures that our franchisees have an appropriate amount of real estate to provide the full FEC experience that our loyal customers desire. This is why we suggest a unit size of around 12,500 square feet for each FEC location and help investors identify real estate that can meet those requirements during the site selection process.

Many pizza brands are completely reliant on just the quality of their food when it comes to standing out in a crowded industry – which can often hamper the growth potential of their franchises. With Mr Gatti’s Pizza, our franchisees can leverage our unique FEC opportunity alongside our delicious pizza and strong brand connection with consumers. This combination of advantages is what helps Mr Gatti’s stand out from other brands in the pizza market.

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