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Are Family Entertainment Centers Profitable as a Franchise?

December 15, 2022
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Among the many industries that entrepreneurs could consider joining with a new business venture, family entertainment centers (FECs) represent an intriguing opportunity. Beyond just the standard “fun and games” that are typically associated with FECs, they often serve as community hubs for those who live and work in the area. But some might not consider that to be enough information and still wonder: “Are family entertainment centers profitable as a business?” If you’re looking for an FEC business that provides plenty of opportunity to turn a healthy profit, then franchising with Mr Gatti’s Pizza might be the perfect fit for you.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has been operating in the family entertainment industry for multiple decades, having been the site of many fond memories created in local communities over the years. Our rich history has allowed us to welcome generations of customers as they look to recreate these childhood memories with their own families and friends. However, Mr Gatti’s is far more than just a children’s play center – we have attractions that resonate with community members of all ages. With our entertainment center business plan, Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees have a strong foundation to build their dream business.

Why Choose Franchising

Your instincts might tell you that you have a better chance of building a profitable family entertainment center as your own small business, where you alone are responsible for “running the show.” Choosing this route, however, can be difficult in almost any industry, but especially when it comes to FECs. 

The investment that you will need to make to build an FEC that has the right number – and right assortment – of attractions to draw crowds of consumers and overcome the name recognition of competing brands is rather high. This can be very challenging for entrepreneurs, especially considering the fact that you will be on your own making this business case when looking for financing options.

Why Choose Mr Gatti’s Pizza Franchise

With Mr Gatti’s Pizza as your franchisor, however, you will be able to access a family entertainment center business plan that gives you a leg up on the competition. As a franchisee, you won’t be required to design and build everything from the ground up as you would under a traditional small business model. 

Our best-performing franchisees come from all kinds of entrepreneurial backgrounds and prior experiences. What they share in their success is how they operate the Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchises that they own. These common practices and behaviors include:

  • Staying involved at their family entertainment centers on a daily basis
  • Remaining actively engaged within their community
  • Bringing a good credit and background history
  • Leading with a high level of energy and a strong work ethic

Our decades of experience and strong brand recognition with consumers have given us the industry knowledge to build an FEC that will have everything that your community is looking for. Those who remember visiting a Mr Gatti’s Pizza location in the past will be compelled to visit again when they hear the news of your franchise opening in their area. This is how we’ve managed to launch so many successful Mr Gatti’s locations with franchisees who have become true believers in our FEC business model.

Your Community Will Love Our Food!

Another key advantage that the Mr Gatti’s brand has over other FECs is that the food we serve is a primary motivator for customers who visit our franchises. Since our founding, we have designed and made the necessary adjustments to each menu item, starting, of course, with our pizza and extending to the delicious sides, salads, and sauces that we also sell and serve. 

Mr Gatti’s Pizza FECs welcome many community and business gatherings of all kinds to people from age 1 to 100, who will enjoy serving after serving of our food while they conduct business and have fun. Adding this on top of our arcade rooms and other fun activities for the whole family has helped us build a passionate customer base that has lasted for generations.

If you still find yourself asking, “Are family entertainment centers profitable?” Mr Gatti’s has the franchising opportunity to answer that question with a resounding “Yes!” Join our team today and discover the business opportunities that can be realized by launching a Mr Gatti’s Pizza FEC today!


Considering entering into a profitable industry with a family entertainment center of your own? Reach out to the Mr Gatti’s Pizza team today and we’ll show you why our franchise opportunity is the best around!



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