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At Mr Gatti’s, our team recognizes that each franchisee we partner with has different goals and visions for their new family entertainment center business.
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Our Innovative Franchise Models

At Mr Gatti’s, our team recognizes that each franchisee we partner with has different goals and visions for their new family entertainment center business. This is why each of our locations is distinct in feel and footprint while still sharing the unforgettably delicious food and family-friendly atmosphere where lifelong memories are made. To help our franchisees forge stronger connections with their local communities and take advantage of the surge in consumer demand for pizza and family entertainment, we have developed two franchise models: our Family Entertainment Center (FEC) model and our Delivery and Carryout (DELCO) model.

A major reason for our franchisees’ success lies in how they are able to leverage both business models and drive business from one another. Mr Gatti’s franchisees who opt to utilize our DELCO business solutions typically open them in areas surrounding their Mr Gatti’s FEC location. This helps build and strengthen the connection that consumers in the area form with Mr Gatti’s, whether they originally visit our locations for our menu items or our entertainment experience.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza is ideal for regional and local communities with families. Our Mr Gatti’s Pizza family buffet model does well for its owners. These restaurants soon become community hubs, where families gather for birthday parties, school groups stop over during field trips, and teams celebrate the latest win. This classic model of Mr Gatti’s Pizza boasts a 55-year history of customer loyalty. A Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise suggested format of +/- 12,500 square feet does well in communities with average household incomes ranging from $55,000 to $80,000.

Our brand's sweet spot site is a 12,000 to 16,000 square foot unit with an arcade or game room attached. Typically, our Mr Gatti’s Pizza locations are hitting it out of the park. Our Mr Gatti’s Pizza restaurants are a primary growth vehicle for us simply because the smaller towns have the type of potential investor who fit the financial profile we are looking for and show an interest in our cost-effective investment opportunities. We thrive in smaller markets where family-friendly entertainment is welcomed. Mr Gatti's provides the type of family environment that appeals to local school and church groups as well as community organizations such as the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Small FEC

Mr Gatti’s FEC – A Buffet of Food and Fun

When looking to enter the industry, many prospective business owners will ask themselves, “What makes a fun entertainment center?” Fortunately for those who open a Mr Gatti’s franchise, our FEC business plan gives them a better chance of standing out in a competitive family entertainment market.

Our FEC model incorporates the full Mr Gatti’s experience, which is especially valuable for convincing consumers to choose us over their other options for pizza and entertainment. Here, we serve our delicious pizza and other menu items buffet style, so that families can pick out what they want to eat and take it with them as they start enjoying the games and activities in our facility. Mr Gatti’s FECs regularly become community hubs for those of all ages, including those celebrating birthdays, school field trips, and business team outings.

Our family entertainment center model is what our strong 55-year reputation was built upon — and we’re confident it can serve as a base for your business ambitions as well. Mr Gatti’s FEC franchise specifications:

Foot Space Icon
sq foot space
for a Family Entertainment Center
Location Icon
$55k - $80k
Located in communities with average household incomes
2.7 median household size
40 options
all-you-care-to-eat buffet
Arcades &
PARTY rooms
activities for the whole family to enjoy

Our delco franchise model keeps customers coming back

While the family entertainment center experience has earned rave reviews, families can’t always carve out time in their schedules to visit a Mr Gatti’s FEC on a daily basis — even if they are craving more of our delicious pizza. Thanks to our DELCO business solutions, Mr Gatti’s franchisees can capitalize on and satisfy these cravings for our fan-favorite menu items!

The DELCO model specifically focuses on the food aspect of our business model, as we seek to build customer loyalty with those already familiar with the Mr. Gatti’s brand. Even some consumers who were not previously familiar with our fun entertainment center are able to discover and fall in love with Mr Gatti’s through the food they enjoy from our DELCO stores.

The DELCO model allows franchisees to open several stores around the protected area of their Mr Gatti’s FEC location. Through this approach, the DELCOs can serve as a gateway and funnel consumers to the full experience at the franchisee’s FEC. Our brand’s DELCO location specifications:

Lower staffing requirements
Third party delivery services available
Our different franchise models complement each other and often drive greater revenue for franchisees compared to strictly utilizing the family entertainment center model. If you want to achieve the same, reach out to the Mr Gatti’s team and we’ll start planning our path forward together!
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