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Innovative Arcades and Ordering Management System
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The arcade rooms and other technology used at each Mr Gatti’s franchise help attract customers and boost business!
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Our Arcades and Ordering Management System Drive Potential

Mr Gatti’s Pizza arcade franchise knows that our brand is only as strong as our guest engagement. That’s why we invest heavily in both our franchisees’ arcade game rooms and the ordering management system technology in use at each of our locations to strengthen their connection with customers. Our selection of arcade rooms often serve as significant revenue drivers for many of our franchisees and provide a valuable competitive advantage as we intersect between the community enterainment venue and pizza industries. Additionally, we use a variety of restaurant technological platforms, including our order processing system, to better enable our franchisees in their interactions with customers.

Our Eat-N-Play Combo Sets Mr Gatti’s Franchisees Apart

Instead of just selling food alongside gameplay, we work to provide a wrapped-up eat-and-play combo experience. For the franchisee, the game rooms and midway arcades mean greater profit potential. The games we choose, the prizes we hand out, and how we use technology to position food and fun provide a diversified revenue stream.

These combos can raise the average ticket anywhere from 20% to 25%. Gameplay has enough margin that franchise owners can discount it along with the food, providing an opportunity to upsell both experiences through our order processing system. The more customers eat and drink, the longer they linger to play video games and vice versa.

From an economic perspective, a well-mixed game room with a great marketing program to support it can equal as much as 40% to 45% of overall revenue growth inside the four walls of the game room facility. What that really does is provide another revenue port that a franchisee can market to the guest.

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Multi-Platform Online Ordering

Brings More Customers to Mr Gatti’s Pizza Franchise

In today’s marketplace, online ordering access and simplicity are pivotal. Our ordering system is compatible with Android and IOS apps, as well as with Facebook integration that enables ordering directly to Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchises.

Facebook orders are especially beneficial for us, as it allows our franchisees to obtain marketing data associated with the order. It’s basic permission-based marketing, giving us easy access to talk to customers socially versus just trying to drive likes through paid advertising. Plus, we’re providing customers with the experience around the brand through the order itself.

One of the bigger pieces of our family entertainment is the ability to provide families with a facility to have birthday parties and other family events. Mr. Gatti’s now offers an online ordering component because we believe there are shoppers out there who would prefer to book a party through our ordering management system rather than spend 20 minutes on the phone talking to a party director. Our system enables customers to choose a date and a package and pay through one streamlined process, creating a huge competitive advantage for us.

Mr Gatti’s Technology Connects the Brand to Today’s Consumer


Mr Gatti’s Pizza utilizes an ordering management system that fits the operational capabilities of our available franchise formats. For example, our technology enables us to offer pick-up and delivery at our delivery- and carry-out (DELCO) stores. At our family entertainment centers (FECs), we utilize a buffet setup and the arcade game room piece that creates our eat-and-play combo. The technology used at each Mr Gatti’s location offers a great customer experience, evidenced in both the arcade game rooms that customers spend hours playing and the restaurant technology that helps our franchisees manage critical business operations.

Mr Gatti’s leverages our arcade game rooms and restaurant technology to drive revenue while optimizing sales, labor, and inventory. These features and capabilities also work to create customer loyalty and brand awareness, benefiting our franchisees in their local communities.

If you’d like to join our savvy team as a Mr Gatti’s franchise owner and experience the value of our arcade areas for yourself, we’d love to talk with you. Fill out the form on this page to request information about the opportunities we offer, and we’ll share more info on how our ordering management system and game rooms can play vital roles in helping further the success of your Mr Gatti's franchise!

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