Own a Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Franchise

Legendary pizza brand now offers franchises

Mr. Gatti’s has been one of the most beloved names in the pizza industry since 1969. As we approach the half-century mark, we’re in the midst of a new, regional expansion effort and an amazing brand resurgence. Backed by phenomenal name recognition, Mr. Gatti’s is a hidden gem in the restaurant industry.

We’re an iconic brand with a celebrated history, committed to reaching an underserved and often overlooked market segment: America’s families.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza is a family buffet and entertainment center that sells best-in-class products, over-the-top customer service and an outstanding family experience.

With locations across the country, we are looking for new franchisees in more than 15 states. We are seeking passionate entrepreneurs who want to bring our beloved pizza and wholesome family fun to their communities.

We plan to open new locations in both new and existing markets across the Southeast and Midwest.  We are also specifically focused on redeveloping markets where Mr Gattis once thrived. Join us in our mission to bring (or to bring back!) our beloved brand to communities all across America.