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Why Invest in a Family Entertainment Center Franchise

March 17, 2023
Family bonding while mother, father, and son watch on the screen and are mesmerized by the game in Mr. Gatti's Pizza Franchise with the family entertainment center and fun entertainment center.

Throughout today’s global market, there are a number of intriguing options for entrepreneurs like yourself to consider investing in. Among these top options is a family entertainment center franchise. If you want to find an industry that offers the right amount of potential, look for one that’s currently in high demand with a strong potential for sustainable growth that can take you into the future.

Family entertainment centers (FECs) certainly fit this description, as evident by recent market reports and projections. However, this does not mean that just any FEC, upon completion, can expect to immediately become a top option among the local community within a short amount of time.

The reality of the FEC industry is that it is dominated by several “big name” brands that have been driving the industry’s overall growth for many years. Among these major players in the FEC market is Mr Gatti’s Pizza, which has been combining delicious food with an interactive experience that few other FECs can truly compete with.

While other brands serve stale and uninspired food in an FEC setting almost exclusively tailored to young children, Mr Gatti’s takes pride in differentiating from the rest. It’s a major reason why so many entrepreneurs have chosen to partner with Mr Gatti’s Pizza to open an FEC franchise that can stand out in a rapidly growing industry.

Fun for the Whole Family

Family entertainment center franchise - Mixed race family playing game at video arcade

FECs are drawing quite a bit of attention from analysts and investors alike for a number of reasons. One of the most important factors is an FEC’s ability to attract new customers and encourage them to return for future visits. The best FECs are able to do this in a variety of ways, from the demographics they market themselves to, the games and activities they include at their facility, and other unique differentiators they possess.

While “family” is included in the name, not every FEC is designed to appeal to family members of all ages. Some FECs are specifically geared towards younger children in the hopes that they will convince their parents to take them to the nearest location. While following this business model can build a decent customer base, it often leaves these FECs unable to take advantage of the full potential that exists in the industry.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza avoids falling into this trap by designing an FEC experience that can resonate with adults, teenagers, and children across the board. Although a tricky balance to maintain, through extensive market research conducted by our experienced team, we can determine what will appeal to communities surrounding each FEC location we open. 

Our game rooms are a perfect example. We feature arcades that encourage guests to play together while remaining appropriate and entertaining for all ages. Each game room is abounding with classic titles and new, eye-catching arcades that party-goers can play together as they bond. It’s how we continue to generate nostalgic memories for our customers, which has motivated them to return to their preferred Mr Gatti’s location for the past several decades.

What Sets Us Apart from other Family Entertainment Center Franchise

Family entertainment center franchise - An interracial family having fun together playing at an amusement arcade. The African-American father and Caucasian mother are in their 30s. The 9 year old boy and 5 year old girl are sitting in their parents' laps playing a video arcade game. The main focus is on father and son. Everyone is cheering after winning the game.

Beyond the arcade rooms, Mr Gatti’s Pizza is also known for welcoming all sorts of community gatherings at our FEC locations. While other brands rely more on children’s birthdays for hosting large group gatherings, Mr Gatti’s has been known to welcome a much greater variety of events. Common examples of these include:

  • Work outings
  • Town halls
  • Fundraisers
  • And much more!

Mr Gatti’s has also earned a stellar reputation for our tasty pizza, which often rivals the top names in the pizza market. This is a competitive differentiator that holds great significance for our franchisees, as most other FECs struggle to make and serve food that is at a comparable level to ours. Meanwhile, other pizza brands find it difficult to compete with our entertainment as they only have pizza-making capabilities to fall back on.

Mr Gatti’s also offers a number of crowd-pleasing sides to complement our pizza menu, giving our customers a full-flavor experience. At each of our FEC franchise locations, we serve our food buffet style, which pairs nicely with our party rooms, where we can accommodate and welcome large groups of guests.

The pizza we serve has become so popular with customers that it’s allowed us to offer delivery and carryout-only (DELCO) franchise opportunities under the Mr Gatti’s Pizza brand. Entrepreneurs who want to make the most of the growing FEC industry should seriously consider investing in a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise.

Want to learn more about why you should open an FEC franchise with us? Contact the Mr Gatti's team today to learn more about how our brand strength makes for more revenue growth!

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