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Why Choose a Pizza and Family Entertainment Center Franchise

December 15, 2022
Mr Gatti’s franchise ownership and experience the value of our arcade areas for yourself with the family entertainment center and fun entertainment center.

As an entrepreneur, you have no shortage of options to choose from when starting your next business venture. While certain industries have a strong track record of success, they can be difficult to gain entry into. Oftentimes, the existing companies and brands in those industries have such a large slice of market share, brand recognition, and customer loyalty that it is nearly impossible for a newcomer like yourself to make much headway on your own. Another option would be to build a business that has the ability to tap into multiple markets at once – such as how a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise provides an easier pathway to make the most of the in-demand pizza and family entertainment center industries.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has been building up our footprint in both industries for the past few decades. Customers built nostalgic memories at Mr Gatti’s locations over the years, and they continue to frequently visit our franchise locations with the next generation of their families. Thanks to this, Mr Gatti’s Pizza has experienced a strong level of brand recognition and customer loyalty, which set the stage for successful entry by new franchisees into these competitive markets. Mr Gatti’s Pizza is one of the rare brands that has been able to operate – and grow – in both industries simultaneously, without sacrificing our franchisees’ ability to take advantage of the demand that exists in either one.

Starting Out in Your Own Business Can Be Tough…

It can be difficult to enter either one of these industries starting from the ground up as a new business. But it is twice as difficult when your small business is trying to gain a foothold in the pizza and entertainment markets at the same time. While there is no shortage of consumer demand in both, these markets already host plenty of big-name brands that are unlikely to lose customers to a newcomer who is unfamiliar to their customers.

Franchising, on the other hand, allows you to operate under a recognizable brand name that consumers are familiar with and trust. Many franchisors also provide operational support through their business model that most small businesses would not have access to. This gives franchisees an upper hand, since they have a reliable and experienced business partner who is invested in the success of their locations.

…But Franchising with Mr Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Is Simple!

Franchising with Mr Gatti’s Pizza allows you to avoid the roadblocks that routinely hinder those who follow the traditional small business model. Many consumers still remember their time at Mr Gatti’s Pizza and will jump at the chance to visit your new location once it opens in their area. Many other family entertainment centers (FECs) serve meals that could be generously described as uninspiring, while most pizza makers ignore the entertainment and game aspect entirely. This leaves MrGatti’s Pizza as one of the few brands to make their mark in both industries with strong customer satisfaction.

The Mr Gatti’s Pizza team is dedicated to proving why we are the best pizza and entertainment center franchise available on the market. We prove this through the guidance and training that each of our franchisees complete when joining our team. This includes:

  • An initial program that familiarizes you with what daily life as a Mr Gatti’s franchisee is like
  • Information on best business practices and what sets our brand apart from the rest
  • Instructions on how to leverage your DELCO locations to drive further revenue to your FEC franchises
  • Ongoing support that does not end once you’ve celebrated your grand opening

An Experience That Stands Out for Franchisees and Customers

At Mr Gatti’s, we are firmly committed to ensuring that our pizza, games, and parties equally meet the standards that our franchisees and customers expect of us. During our decades in business, we have worked to perfect the recipes and service that have led to customers falling in love with our delicious pizza and other menu items. This has allowed us to introduce delivery- and carryout-only (DELCO) franchise models that allow our franchisees to generate even more revenue on top of their FEC locations.

The arcade rooms at each Mr Gatti’s family entertainment center often prove to be significant revenue drivers for our franchisees. Younger customers love the gaming aspect, while parents feel comfortable with allowing their children to choose from our selection of fun and family-friendly games. Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchises also serve as a community center for people of all ages, as our party rooms host work outings, town meetings, youth sports leagues, and much more. With the versatility of a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise, it’s no surprise that so many of our franchisees are able to experience the best of the pizza and family entertainment markets.

Excited to realize the potential of this great franchise opportunity for yourself? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started on your journey to become a Mr Gatti’s pizza franchisee!




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