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family entertainment center and pizza franchise opportunities in arkansas

With a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise opportunity, you gain access to our decorated history of delicious food and family entertainment that sets us apart.

Mr Gatti’s is so much more than a pizza restaurant; we are also a family entertainment center (FEC)! Our business for sale in Arkansas will allow you to profit from multiple revenue streams while providing your community with the Mr Gatti’s experience they know and love. 

With a population of 3 million, Arkansas has 1,170,544 households with a median income of $49,475. Known for its standing as one of the agricultural capitals of the US, people continue to flock to Arkansas to join the agricultural industry in the area. The state’s growing population and median household income provide the perfect environment for a Mr Gatti’s franchise opportunity in Arkansas to succeed.

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Known as “The Natural State,” Arkansas also has a robust tourism industry, with people from all over visiting the state to take in its natural wonders, such as its hot springs in the Ouachita Mountains. In 2021, the state welcomed just over 41 million visitors, far more than in 2019 and 2020. Not only will your Mr Gatti’s franchise serve a growing population base of residents, but you’ll also be able to provide many tourists with delicious food and entertainment.

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More About Our Unique Franchise Opportunity in Arkansas

Our unique offering sets us apart from traditional pizza restaurants and arcades. Your average pizza joint offers menu items that customers get tired of over time, and arcades aren’t known for their food quality. Our popular family entertainment centers (FECs) allow guests to enjoy our beloved recipes in between playing our engaging games. These two aspects of our business have been shown to drive significant revenue for our franchisees, allowing their businesses to stand out in two popular industries. 

When you open a Mr Gatti’s franchise restaurant in Arkansas, you’ll be providing communities with venues to host precious family moments and create delicious memories. We also offer party rooms, which communities are able to make use of to host lively gatherings of friends and family. When you’re a Mr Gatti’s franchisee, it’s not difficult to convince people to choose your location because it offers the best of both worlds.

Read more about why our pizza and other menu items have become so popular with customers!

Our Franchise Model Options

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Our revolutionary franchise business model is designed for a high return on investment, allowing our franchisees to profit from multiple revenue streams. Our three business models offer appetizing menu items that keep customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Here’s some more information on our business model options.

  • Family entertainment center (FEC): This model includes the whole Mr Gatti’s restaurant experience, plus the game and party rooms that differentiate us from the ordinary pizza chain that nearly every market has.
  • Delivery- and carryout-only (DELCO) stores: The DELCO model exclusively focuses on the food aspect of a Mr Gatti’s franchise to satisfy the cravings of consumers who don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy the full FEC experience. The success of our DELCO models speaks to the quality of our pizza and other menu items and how well these connect with families living in nearby communities.
  • Multi-Model: The multi-model option is available to all Mr Gatti’s franchisees – they can supplement their FEC location with DELCO units in the surrounding area of their territory. This provides valuable protection and a welcome boost to their Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise locations.


Here’s how you can leverage our different model options to drive your business toward success.

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