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The Story of Mr Gatti’s and
Our Famous Family Pizza Franchise

Mr Gatti’s has been crafting and delivering tasty, authentic pizza and memorable experiences to families and communities across the country for generations.

Mr Gatti's Story


in the Pizza and Family Entertainment Industry

Mr Gatti’s has been serving up delicious pizza and delivering memorable experiences to families and communities across the country for generations. Our passion for pizza began in September 1964 when Mr. James Eure opened The Pizza Place in Stephenville, Texas. In 1969, he moved to Austin and opened “Mr Gatti’s Pizza” as a tribute to his wife’s maiden name.

Mr. Eure dedicated himself to mastering the elements that make people crave pizza: real cheese, yeast-risen dough made fresh every day, our signature tangy pizza sauce, and toppings that can’t be topped. Thanks to our commitment to choosing select authentic ingredients, it wasn’t long before Mr Gatti’s pizza franchise locations were popping up all over Texas and the Southeast United States.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has continued evolving through the decades to become the thriving brand it is today. Much has changed in over 55 years, but the most important things have stayed the same. We’re still following the recipes and satisfying our customers’ new cravings every day.

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Staking a Claim for Our Pizza Franchise Brand

for Our Pizza Franchise Brand Family

Even as our pizza franchise continued to rise in popularity, we saw even more potential for the Mr Gatti’s brand. We soon began opening family entertainment centers (FECs) for communities to enjoy a great time together regardless of age. And with our crowd-pleasing pizza available to order in our FECs, a trip to Mr Gatti’s Pizza became a trip families could plan their whole day around.

We quickly became one of the first to capitalize on this business opportunity, which allowed Mr Gatti’s to build on our rich tradition. While other brands concentrated either on fun gaming centers with mediocre food, or good food with a few games in a back room, we excelled at both — allowing our locations to further stand out in the minds of families in nearby communities.

That passion for family fun has hardly faded away in today’s market. A report published by Future Market Insights titled “Family/Indoor Entertainment Centres Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012–2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017–2027)” studied the performance of the global family/indoor entertainment centres market over a 10-year assessment period from 2017 to 2027. The report estimates a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the industry of 13.3% over the forecast period.

Looking to Our Past to Plan for Our Future

Ask any Gen Xer who grew up going to Mr Gatti’s, and they almost always have a story loaded with nostalgia. Whether it’s outings with a church group, playing video games with their best friends, or dunking pizza crusts into our unforgettable ranch dressing, our original customers are now parents themselves and can’t wait to share a piece of their pasts with their own families.

This connection between a nostalgic past with today’s consumers makes Mr Gatti’s a smart buy for investors. With the huge level of customer awareness, fond memories, and goodwill associated with the “Mr Gatti’s Pizza” brand that is already present in most markets, our franchisees are operating on a strong footing from the beginning. 

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Our goal in franchising new locations is to reconnect the brand to a loyal and passionate customer base who are now parents, so they can share it with their children as they make memories of their own. It’s that “throwback” style that’s working so well in our resurgence: When a Mr Gatti’s Pizza opens in or returns to a community, there’s instant demand for the family experience we’re remembered for.

By choosing to open a Mr Gatti’s Pizza buffet and family entertainment center, one thing is certain: you'll not only benefit from our revenue growth opportunities but you’ll also be selling top-quality pizza, amazing customer service, and an outstanding family experience. To learn more about Mr Gatti’s franchise information and what you can expect, submit your information below, and our team will reach out if you’d be a great fit to franchise with Mr Gatti’s!

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