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Texas Growth Opportunites

Exciting Franchise Opportunity in Texas

Mr Gatti's Pizza got its start in texas

Mr Gatti’s Pizza is no stranger to the great state of Texas, in fact this is where it all began.   The very first Mr Gatti’s Pizza opened up in the summer of 1969 in the small town of Stephenville, TX.  

We haven’t really changed a thing and still use our original recipes to make our tangy pizza sauce, smoked provolone cheeses, and incredibly farm fresh ingredients.

Despite our heavy presence in the Austin, TX market, the state has literally thousands of small towns that are just begging for a Mr Gatti’s Pizza to come provide them with some great pizza and a fun, and family friendly destination.

Hot Growth Markets:

San Angelo






El Paso

Eagle Pass

College Station

Corpus Christi

San Angelo

The Opportunity:

Our Standard Family Entertainment Center:

Mr Gatti’s is a unique opportunity in a virtually untapped Pizza Franchise Market that merges over 50 years of unbelievably great food together with the rapidly expanding Family Entertainment Center.  We provide the whole family with a one stop shop for great Pizza, Games, and Parties.

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Average Unit Volume*
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Low End of Investment
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High End of Investment

*This is an average of unaudited gross sales shared from the top 25% of 23 open Mr Gatti’s Pizza Family Entertainment Centers which are 10,000 SQFT in size or greater,  open for the entire calendar year of 2021. Your estimated sales and operating cost can and will vary. This information is not an offer to sell you a franchise. We will not offer you a franchise until such time we have complied with FTC disclosure requirements, and you have met our application and pre-approval process to be awarded a franchise.


Mr Gatti's Multi-Unit Opportunities

Most of our 40 franchises are multi-unit operators, with the average franchisee owning a total of approximately 3 restaurants. Our franchisees have a deep passion for our brand and strong operational expertise in our system. That’s because an astounding number of them originally started with Mr. Gatti’s Pizza working in the kitchen, serving customers, and managing operations. Many of them have owned their stores for generations, and we’re now seeing second-and third-generation franchisees become operators themselves. Since many of them grew up together in and around Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, they care deeply about our brand and about each other. And that loyalty and trust is perhaps our greatest competitive advantage. In fact, with close to 100 locations operating across the country, 25% the 49 franchises awarded in 2020 and 2021 went to existing franchisees who are wanting to grow! A unique fact about Mr. Gatti’s is that 21 of our franchisees started with us before 1999! Our longest-tenured franchisee has been with Mr. Gatti’s Pizza since 1980 and the average length of time our franchisees has been with us is approximately 20 years! We think this speaks to the family-style culture we’ve cultivated at Mr. Gatti’s Pizza and the strength of the brand and its operating system. 

Multiple Formats to Meet your Investment Needs

Mr. Gatti’s offers a unique franchise model that will fit well in nearly any community. All of our locations are distinct in feel and footprint, but each is similar in that it offers our unforgettably delicious food served up in a family-friendly atmosphere where lifelong memories are made.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza is ideal for regional and communities with families. Our Mr. Gatti’s Pizza family buffet model does well for its owners. These restaurants soon become community hubs, where families gather for birthday parties, school groups stopover during field trips and teams celebrate the latest win. This classic model of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza boasts a 51-year history of customer loyalty. A Mr. Gatti’s Pizza suggested format is +/- 12,500 square feet and thrives in communities with average household incomes ranging from $55,000 to $80,000.

Outside Rendering


Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Delivery and Carryout only (DELCO) location suggested format of +/- 1,200 square feet. Many of our Multi Unit operators have success pairing a few DELCO locations around an FEC.


Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Small Family Entertainment Center (Small FEC) is our family pizza buffet featuring our signature arcade. With a suggested footprint of +/- 5,000 square feet.


Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Standard Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is our family pizza buffet featuring our signature arcade. With a suggested footprint of +/- 12,500 square feet.

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