The Mr. Gatti’s Story

We have a history of causing cravings!

For over half a century, Mr. Gatti’s has been satisfying cravings. Now we are inspiring the next generation to crave our delicious pizza as our brand experiences a resurgence. Mr. Gatti’s has a proud reputation of serving delicious pizza in innovative ways.

Mr. Gatti’s history is important to who we are and how we do pizza, so as we look to the future, we turn to the past, building on the history, tradition and nostalgia that have enabled us to cause — and satisfy — cravings for almost 50 years.

Our story begins in September 1964 when Mr. James Eure opened The Pizza Place in Stephenville, Texas. In 1969, he moved to Austin and opened “Mr. Gatti’s” as a tribute to his wife’s maiden name.

Mr. Eure worked long hours to master the elements that make people crave pizza: real cheese (no imitations allowed), yeast-risen dough made fresh every day, our signature tangy pizza sauce and toppings that can’t be topped. It wasn’t long before Mr. Gatti’s restaurants were popping up all over Texas and the Southeast.

It turns out that people crave fun as much as they crave delicious pizza, so we decided to give them both. During the ’80s and ’90s some buffet stores featured state-of-the-art game rooms, beginning an evolution that eventually led to a 25,000-square-foot superstore that devotes 10,000 square feet to a colossal Midway-type game room. In 1994, we unveiled a game room featuring state-of-the-art arcade games attached to many Mr. Gatti’s locations.

Our founder’s vision is now more than 70 stores strong and counting. Much has changed in 50 years, but the most important things have stayed the same. We’re still following the original recipes and causing new cravings to be born every day.

A strategic focus for the future

As a salute to our past and a commitment to our future, we’re proud to reintroduce the Mr. Gatti’s concept with a renewed focus on growth and expansion throughout the United States. With this new direction, we will keep our flavors fresh and our guiding principles true to our heritage.

While many brands are chasing the trends of the day or trying to hop on the latest fad, Mr. Gatti’s is taking a different approach.  We are defining our future by revisiting our past and reconnecting to its latency, at a time and place when the brand had optimal market share and name recognition.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Model – Your Family Buffet with Entertainment Center. The Classic Mr. Gatti’s Pizza family pizza buffet featuring our signature Family Entertainment Center is ideal for small and medium-sized communities. Mr. Gatti’s Pizza footprint typically ranges from 5,000 square feet up to 30,000, with a “sweet spot” from 12,000 – 16,000 square feet. Our nostalgic, tried-and-true model has been a “family destination” for over 50 years. Mr. Gatti’s Pizza thrives in trade areas of 60,000 – 250,000 people and household incomes of $55,000 – $80,000.

Focus growth areas include Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

If you’re ready to bring a Mr. Gatti’s to your town, we’d love to talk with you. You can request more information by filling out the form on this page or read on to discover what makes Mr. Gatti’s unique in the pizza industry.