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Franchise Technology drives Mr. Gatti’s guest engagement platforms, creating greater profit potential for franchisees

Mr. Gatti’s knows that our brand is only as strong as our guest engagement. That’s why we rely heavily on both our people and our technology to connect us to our customers. We use a variety of technological platforms to interact with customers, eager to exceed their expectations for service and response.

We have different service vehicles for different guests.  We have pick-up and delivery. We’ve got the buffet. We’ve got the game room piece. Technology touches a lot of the different aspects of what we are. From the ordering perspective, we have both Android and IOS apps, plus integrated Facebook ordering directly to the stores themselves.

Multi Platform Online ordering brings more customers to Mr. Gatti’s

In today’s marketplace, online ordering access and simplicity is pivotal. In the Austin, Texas, market, more than 60% of all pick-up and delivery orders are done online, whether it is through an app, online, web-based or through Facebook.

Facebook orders are especially beneficial for us, as we are able to obtain marketing data associated with the order. Our online customers, in essence, attach themselves to the Mr. Gatti’s brand. That gives us an opportunity to connect with them.  It’s basic permission-based marketing. They’re giving us permission to talk to them socially, versus just trying to drive likes through paid advertising. Plus, we’re providing them the experience around the brand through the order itself.

An additional benefit is customers are able to book their parties and events online.

One of the bigger pieces from our family entertainment is the ability to provide families with a facility to have birthday parties, family events, whatever that may be.  We now offer an online ordering component because we believe there is a shopper out there who doesn’t want to have to pick up the phone and spend 20 minutes talking to a party director to try to book a party. With our online bookings, they are able to pick a date, a package and pay for it. That’s been a huge advantage for us.

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Game rooms & arcades provide wholesome family fun

Because of our commitment to wholesome family entertainment, we are very careful about the gaming experience we offer.

The ESRB board rates games based on content, especially video games with types of violence. We’ve made a point for the brand itself that we will never have a game with human-versus-human type of violence, high gore or any type of content that would not be considered family-safe.

The game room is really about connecting the family and providing a space for everyone to spend time and have fun together.

Eat-n-play combos create greater potential profit for owners

For the franchisee, the game rooms and midway arcades mean greater profit potential. The games we choose, the prizes we hand out and the way we position food and fun provide a diversified revenue stream.

We refer to this as an “eat-and-play combo.” Instead of just selling food alongside game play, we work to provide a wrapped-up food and game play experience. These combos can raise the average ticket anywhere from 20% to 25%. Game play has enough margin that franchise owners can discount it along with the food, providing an opportunity to upsell both experiences in a restaurant. The more customers eat and drink, the longer they linger to play video games and vice versa.

From an economic perspective, a well-mixed game room and a great marketing program behind it can equal as much as 40%-45% of overall revenue inside the four walls of the game room facility.  What that really does is give another revenue port that a franchisee can market to the guest. It also provides a different experience versus just being a place that provides pizza and some other secondary menu items. The game room really provides an opportunity for a fresh experience.

Pizza + Games + Parties = Big Potential

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Mr. Gatti’s technology connects the brand to today’s consumer

In every aspect of customer engagement, Mr. Gatti’s uses technology to optimize sales, labor and inventory. Our technological capability also works to create customer loyalty and brand awareness, which benefit our franchisees in their local community restaurants.

If you’d like to join our technologically savvy team as a Mr. Gatti’s franchise owner, we’d love to talk with you. Fill out the form on this page to request more information or keep reading to discover the costs and fees to own a Mr. Gatti’s Pizza.

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