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Mr. Gatti’s franchise information highlights our family focus, best-in-class goods, excellent customer service, and legendary reputation.

In a nation where its residents consume an average of 23 pounds — or 46 slices — of pizza per person each year*, it’s no surprise there are plenty of restaurants offering pies to hungry consumers. It’s also not surprising Mr. Gatti’s stands out because what we offer is truly unique. No other pizza chain, mom-and-pop joint or artisanal bistro can match what we offer in terms of customer experience, mouthwatering products and family gaming experience.

Moms and dads love our family-safe environment

Where else can Mom and Dad have a delicious, wholesome, affordable meal and enjoy a glass of wine or beer while the kids eat well and have fun? Mr. Gatti’s offers that experience, because we are committed to serving an often-overlooked market segment: families.

We provide a humble environment where families feel comfortable.  We’re not trying to be the next fancy pizza that’s on the front cover of a magazine. We just want to serve a great product and provide an excellent experience for families, so that they might be able to let off a little steam and relax. We want them to create a memory together as a family, having a great meal together.

While our competitors generally fall into one of two camps: a pizza and gaming center known for kids’ parties or a hangout where young adults or college students meet, we’re different because we happily claim that middle ground on the pizza place spectrum.

Unforgettable flavors are the stuff memories are made of

No other pizza brand has the memorable flavor profile that Mr. Gatti’s fans continue to crave today. Our product is second-to-none because our pizza is made from the freshest ingredients: tomatoes fresh-packed four hours from harvest and steam-peeled; dough made fresh by hand daily and allowed to rise twice; and smoked Provolone cheese reminiscent of the flavor our customers grew up with.

Besides our pizza, our menu is full of fan favorites.  We have a ranch dressing that we’re famous for. It is so good that you literally, if you’re a ranch lover, could add a few ice cubes and a straw. That’s how tasty it is, and it’s made every single morning at each of our locations.

More than pizza — we serve up top-notch customer experience

Beyond our delicious food, we take customer experience up a notch. Our family-friendly game rooms and midway arcades offer entertainment that Mom and Dad can trust. We only allow “kid-safe” video games (no person-on-person shooting or violence) in our restaurants.

Other brands are either fun gaming centers with food added or good restaurants with a few games in the back. We excel at both.

We’re unique in that we are committed to the quality of the food and the quality of the experience for the family overall.  We really believe in the family value and that family experience, along with providing great food. We want all ages of the family to have a good time together.

Our competitors don’t have our celebrated history

Almost 50 years ago, Mr. Gatti’s introduced an entire region to pizza. A trip to Mr. Gatti’s was more than having a few slices of pie. For customers in the ’70s and ’80s, eating at Mr. Gatti’s was an event. Ask many Gen Xers today, and they’ll have a favorite Mr. Gatti’s memory, whether it’s about our unforgettable food or having fun, playing video games and socializing with friends.

Those kids are grown up now, with nothing but fond memories and nostalgic remembrances of their Mr. Gatti’s experiences. Now they take their children to Mr. Gatti’s eager to relive a little bit of their youthful magic and share it with their own families. Although much has changed, at our core, we’re still the same Mr. Gatti’s they remember. The minute they bite into a slice of pizza or dip into the ranch dressing, their senses travel back to their childhood.

In many markets we serve, there’s latent demand for our pizza, thanks to the good will and nostalgia of our brand.

We have a lot of followers who are excited about seeing this brand come back to their community.  That’s what gets us excited. From an investment perspective, you’re not having to re-introduce the brand because folks already know it, and you’re not having to introduce a brand that people haven’t heard of, which can be expensive and risky.

If you’re interested in learning more about bringing Mr. Gatti’s to your community, fill out the form below to request more information. Keep reading to find out which markets we’re targeting for growth and expansion.

*Source: Agriculture Council of America

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