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A tradition of high-quality, freshly cooked pizza is available on Mr Gatti’s pizza menu.

With a passion for pizza for over 50 years, Mr. Gatti’s boasts a celebrated history of unforgettable food and memorable family fun that customers reminisce about.

Since Mr. James Eure opened his first Mr. Gatti’s restaurant in 1969, people have been craving our delicious pizza, salads, sides and desserts. Although much has changed about Mr. Gatti’s over the decades, one thing has remained constant: we make and serve the most delicious food, created from the highest-quality ingredients, just like our founder did in the beginning.

Our sauce is fresh-packed four hours from harvest.  We use an age-smoked Provolone cheese, which is unique in pizza, and if you’ve never tried it, it’s just fantastic. Our dough is made fresh every single day at each location. We have a ranch dressing that we’re famous for. So that, with our fresh vegetables and the quality of our toppings, makes us a great place to have a delicious meal with your family, and you can trust that the food is of the highest quality.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza Menu satisfies America’s pizza cravings

A $46 billion industry, pizza is America’s favorite comfort food. According to the Agriculture Council of America, Americans eat 46 slices of pizza a year — 23 pounds!

Although it seems like there’s a pizza joint on most every corner, industry trends indicate there’s plenty of room in the market for Mr. Gatti’s. An article on, “Pizza Industry Analysis 2017 — Cost & Trends,” says that there’s no slowing of Americans’ love for pizza: “… Despite the obvious availability of pizza nearly everywhere, extremely strong demand together with the evolving tastes of the American consumer provides ample opportunity for entrepreneurs — particularly the franchisee.”

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Mr. Gatti’s fans rave about our pizza with its signature tangy tomato sauce, fresh vegetables and Provolone cheese. Our die-hard fans, though, love most every item on our menu.

Ask anyone who grew up with Mr. Gatti’s and they’ll mention our famous ranch dressing. If you want a nostalgic ride back to your childhood, try dipping a pizza crust into it, and you’ll see why so many people crave it.

Customers love our Endless Salad Bars and demand our sweet cinnamon sticks for dessert.   One of our guest favorite pizzas is the Sampler which includes four meats, four vegetables and smoked Provolone cheese on our Neapolitan-style crust.

We take pride in offering something for every member of the family on our menu. Crisp lettuce and vegetables make our salads the perfect complement to any meal, while our house specials satisfy the pickiest of pasta lovers: we offer SpaGatti® (Mr.Gatti’s version of spaghetti and meat sauce), Mr. Gatti’s Original Lasagna, and other beloved Italian dishes.

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Bring our unique and delicious Mr. Gatti’s menu to your community

Ask most any Gen Xer who grew up going to Mr. Gatti’s, and they are sure to have a story about the restaurant they visited. Many of them will speak fondly about their favorite menu items — tangy pizza with their favorite toppings, breadsticks dunked into our famous ranch dressing or sweet cinnamon sticks for dessert. Many of our original customers are parents today and enjoy sharing their fond memories of delicious food and family fun with their own children.

We are eager to introduce a new generation of fans to our great pizza and family-friendly atmosphere.  While many brands are chasing the trends of the day or trying to hop on the latest fad, Mr. Gatti’s is taking a different approach. We are defining our future by revisiting our past and reconnecting to its latency, at a time and place when the brand had optimal market share and name recognition.

If you’re ready to explore what it means to bring a Mr. Gatti’s Pizza to your community, we want to talk with you. Fill out the form on this page for more information or keep reading to find out more about the technology that powers Mr. Gatti’s.


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