Gatti’s Franchise Reviews

“Mr. Gatti’s ownership has been a livelihood for generations through my family. There’s not a whole lot of businesses that offer that. And it’s a product that you get behind and that you become passionate about. If the owner is passionate about it, your customers will be passionate about it. It’s a very nostalgic brand; very unique, and it’s provided me and my family a great living.” — George Kash, Round Rock, Texas

“In our small town, we provide a service that was greatly needed and was lacking in our area. Churches didn’t have a place to go to gather for their youth groups, and ball teams didn’t have a place to go. The restaurants in town don’t really cater to families and children like we do. Our restaurant is the largest one in our county, so it’s big enough for the kids to come and play, and you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt or running outside, and it’s good, clean, wholesome family fun.” — Diana Barnette, Christian Hunt, West Virginia