What is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee for a Mr. Gatti’s Pizza family fast-casual franchise model is $45,000. The franchise and application fees for a Gatti’s Pizza buffet family entertainment center franchise model is $60,000.

Read more about your initial investment on the startup costs and fees page.

Do I need to have a midway arcade or game room?

We offer two business models — Gatti’s Pizza and Mr. Gatti’s Pizza. Gatti’s Pizza is a family pizza buffet concept, which features our signature midway arcade. Mr. Gatti’s Pizza is a family fast-casual pizzeria that offers a smaller game room and features a stone-fired pizza oven, upscale menu offerings and a gelato bar. Depending upon which business model you choose, you’ll also offer the corresponding video game element. Read more about the two business models here.

Are all locations buffets?

Only Gatti’s Pizza locations are family pizza buffets featuring our signature midway arcade. It’s an ideal restaurant for small and medium-sized communities, with a footprint ranging from 6,000 to 30,000 square feet. Find out more about the two business models we offer here.

What about pizza delivery?

Many of our restaurants offer delivery. We allow our franchisees to decide whether or not to add delivery services. If you choose to do so, our team will assist you with getting set up and managing that aspect of your business.

How do I get a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

Once you’ve downloaded our free Franchise Information Report, had a conversation with our franchise development team, sent in your Franchise Application and submitted your credit and background checks, we provide you with a copy of our FDD.

Do I need restaurant experience to franchise with you?

Though not a necessity, restaurant experience is very helpful if you want to open a Gatti’s Pizza. For either establishment, we require that you are entrepreneurial, business-minded and passionate about hospitality, helping others and serving great pizza!

Read more about our two business models here to get a better idea of who makes an ideal franchise owner with Gatti’s.

What are the typical investment costs?

The investment costs vary widely based upon the concept and the size restaurant you choose. The estimated total range for one Gatti’s Pizza facility is $1,332,750 to $5,510,500. The estimated initial investment costs for one Mr. Gatti’s Pizza facility is $909,335 to $1,356,500. Find out more about startup costs here.

What are Gatti’s plans for growth?

With 69 franchises in 94 locations across the country, Gatti’s is planning to add both corporate and franchised locations over the next several years. Our goal is to have 300 locations open within the next five years. We are seeking passionate entrepreneurs throughout the United States who want to bring our beloved pizza and wholesome family fun to their communities. Click here to find out more about our available and target markets as we grow and expand across the country.

Do you offer training and support?

Yes! We provide hands-on training and support from the time your agreement is signed until your grand opening. We teach you the “Gatti’s Way” — from running a restaurant business to making our delicious menu items.

What markets are available?

We’re looking for new franchisees in more than 25 states with a goal of adding almost 50 new locations within the next couple of years. Click here to find out more about the specific markets we’re targeting for growth and development.

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