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Why You Should Start a Family Fun Center Franchise

May 19, 2023
Starting a family fun center franchise offers a promising investment opportunity in the growing FEC industry, and partnering with an established brand like Mr Gatti's Pizza provides operational support and a recognized name in the market.

The business world is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to invest in. With so many choices available, you might wonder why you should start a family fun center franchise. Family entertainment centers (FEC) seemingly resonate with people of all ages, as evidenced by how the FEC industry is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

However, establishing a FEC location with all the necessary attractions to become a popular destination in your local community can be challenging to do alone. Franchising with an established brand will allow you to leverage a well-known name in the industry and benefit from its time-tested and proven operational guidelines.

While developing these attractions can often be challenges for small business FECs, they can be your franchise's strength if you partner with a top name such as Mr Gatti’s Pizza.

At Mr Gatti’s, we have witnessed the FEC industry's growth firsthand and helped plenty of franchisees realize their potential. We have designed a unique FEC experience that offers plenty of fun for everyone we welcome to our locations. Our team is dedicated to training and supporting each new investor who partners with us to put them in the best position possible to succeed.

The Mr Gatti’s Pizza team is eager to help each franchisee get started and prove that our family fun center franchise is the best option for those looking to make the most of their investment in the FEC industry.

Family Fun Center Franchise means Games for Everyone

Mr Gatti's Pizza offers a unique FEC experience that appeals to people of all ages, with carefully chosen arcade games that cater to a diverse customer base and create an engaging environment for guests.

One of the few problems that some FEC franchisees experience is that they are thought of as being exclusively for young children. As a result, some FEC brands will only market themselves as a destination for birthday parties and school field trips. At Mr Gatti’s, we know that our locations have much more to offer – and our customers have come to recognize that as well.

The way that we differentiate ourselves from other FECs begins with how we structure the arcade game rooms at each Mr Gatti’s location. Each game is carefully chosen to appeal to as many customers as possible to ensure that it will be played regularly.

We try to balance game offerings, from classic or vintage titles that some of the older community members grew up playing to some new games that younger people enjoy. This helps foster a more engaging environment where guests will play alongside and against each other – learning about games they may not have tried before visiting their closest Mr Gatti’s FEC location.

Because our game rooms offer community members of all ages the opportunity to play together, we also work to ensure every guest feels comfortable. Each game we select is considered appropriate for players of all ages - our games won’t show blood, gore, or profanity. We are aware that even if a child isn’t playing a profane game, they can easily see the screen of someone close by who may be.

Building this ideal arcade room takes a lot of time, background knowledge, and other valuable resources that would be difficult for one person to handle on their own. Thankfully, the Mr Gatti’s team can draw upon our many years of experience to assist you through every step of this process.

We will help identify games that would be a strong fit for the FEC experience you want to build at your franchise and help install them at your location. Our team can also advise you on which titles would or would not be appropriate for your FEC based on our knowledge of the industry, our brand, and the market research we have done on consumers in your area.

Our Pizza Franchise Hosts All Kinds of Get-Togethers!

The combination of brand strength, diverse offerings, and the ability to host different types of get-togethers makes Mr Gatti's Pizza a standout franchise opportunity in the FEC market, ensuring continued success beyond the initial grand opening.

Other FEC owners can feel restricted in terms of what kinds of group events they can accommodate. Mr Gatti’s has a long-standing reputation for being able to host many different functions – not just events for young or school-aged children. Some examples of the get-togethers we have been known to host include:

  • Fundraisers
  • Company social events
  • Town halls
  • Group celebrations
  • And plenty more!

With so many factors that help us stand out from the crowd in the pizza industry, a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for in the FEC market. We’re confident that our brand strength will help maintain your reputation as the talk of the town, even after the news of your grand opening has faded.

Want to learn more about why our FEC franchise is the right choice for you? Contact the Mr Gatti's team today to discuss how we can work together!

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