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The Benefits of Owning a Pizza Buffet Franchise with Us

May 12, 2023
Mr Gatti's Pizza offers expertise and resources to help entrepreneurs start a successful pizza buffet franchise and become a top destination for local pizza lovers.

Today’s pizza market is booming due to high consumer demand in the US. However, not every consumer is interested in ordering and eating their pizza in the traditional way - through delivery. A pizza buffet franchise can offer an excellent opportunity to become the preferred pizza destination for hungry customers in your community.

Yet, starting a pizza business is easier said than done and will be most successful if an entrepreneur teams up with an established brand that shares the same vision for a pizza buffet business. Fortunately for these forward-thinking entrepreneurs, Mr Gatti’s Pizza has the expertise and resources to help them get started and become a top destination for local pizza lovers.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza began as a small pizza shop that focused on making delicious food with fresh and authentic ingredients. Soon enough, word had spread about the tangy sauce and rich cheese that made each bite flavorful and truly unique. As large crowds began to visit each new Mr Gatti’s location that we opened, our team knew that we had to add more offerings to our business model to meet consumer demand and stay relevant.

As a result, we developed a family entertainment center (FEC) that offered fun activities for guests of all ages while staying true to the signature pizza that brought us this far. To better serve so many people in our new FEC setting, Mr Gatti’s began offering our pizza in a buffet style so customers could help themselves as they played our games and enjoyed spending time with their family and friends.

Our Pizza Buffet Franchise Stays True to Our Origins

Mr Gatti's Pizza maintains high standards for their pizza while incorporating unique recipes, quality ingredients, and a blend of flavors that customers love. This commitment has made them popular in the pizza industry.

While the arcade games and party gatherings have become a significant part of what each of our franchise locations offers, we have kept the high standards we set for each pizza we make from slipping.

We have been in business since 1969, and our high-quality and delicious food has been a hit with nearly every customer who has visited a Mr Gatti’s location. Visiting our restaurants has become a memorable experience that people from different generations can share.

Our popularity in the pizza industry is due to our staying true to the unique recipe, quality ingredients, and blend of flavors that customers have come to love in our pizza. This commitment has stood the test of time, and we pass it down to each business owner who invests in our franchise opportunity.

Each Mr Gatti’s location uses freshly harvested and packed tomatoes that are delivered directly to the franchise, where they can be made into our famous pizza sauce. Mr Gatti’s Pizza also incorporates age-smoked Provolone cheese and puts it all together on handmade dough prepared before opening each morning. Every pizza topping is of the highest quality to ensure our customers enjoy every bite of our food.

With customer-friendly prices and a unique dining environment, it’s no surprise that Mr Gatti’s has become a top destination for pizza lovers in the surrounding communities.

Customers Like Having Options

Customers appreciate the buffet style option at Mr Gatti's Pizza, as it allows them to choose from a variety of pizza offerings and customize their toppings. The buffet also offers options for non-pizza lovers, such as Italian specials, veggies and salads, and desserts.

Due to the popularity of easy and convenient ways for people to acquire pizza - typically either via pickup or delivery - Mr Gatti’s has also created delivery and carryout-only (DELCO) franchise options. This allows our franchisees to serve customers who may crave our pizza but don’t have time to eat in and enjoy our games.

The buffet option gives customers the greatest flexibility as they don’t have to order an entire pizza with the same toppings. Instead, they can choose from numerous pizza offerings, mixing and matching the various specials on the buffet table. Many of our locations also include a salad bar where customers can customize their salad toppings and portion sizes.

Using a buffet style not only gives our franchise owners greater flexibility in serving their customers, but helps build our brand strength. It aligns well with the versatility of the Mr Gatti’s menu, which has options for just about everyone. The buffet also offers options for those who don’t like pizza, such as Italian specials, veggies and salads, and desserts.

Opening a pizza buffet franchise is easier said than done, but finding the right brand to partner with will make it much more manageable. At Mr Gatti’s Pizza, our food serves as the backbone of our business, and the buffet style that we use at most of our locations gives a “best of both worlds” experience to our family entertainment center guests.

Interested in learning how serving pizza buffet style can separate you from the competition in the pizza franchise industry? Contact us today and learn how franchising with Mr Gatti’s Pizza makes it possible!

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