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What to Consider Before Investing in a New Pizza Franchise

January 23, 2023
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When deciding if you want to invest in a new pizza franchise, you’ll likely have some important factors to consider and questions to ask, as you would with any business venture. A franchisor who is worthy of your investment will not only answer those questions but also help you figure out a plan to launch a franchise that fits both parties. At Mr Gatti’s Pizza, we bring decades of experience in the pizza and family entertainment center industries to help potential franchisees with any questions they have. Regardless of your background in either industry or as a business owner, we are confident that our franchise opportunity will put you in a strong position to succeed.

Since we first opened for business over 50 years ago, Mr Gatti’s Pizza has been changing what owning a pizza franchise really means. While we started out just serving pizza in the early days, the food’s popularity and our innovative mindset pushed us to create a franchise opportunity that intersects the worlds of pizza-making and entertainment centers. Now, we offer community bonding aspects that other pizza makers never considered and delicious menu items that other entertainment venues cannot compete with. While we know this likely leaves questions in your mind, we are happy to answer them and prove why we are the right franchise for you to invest in.

Franchise Questions We Can Answer for You

Q: Why do consumers love your pizza?

We all know that today’s consumers have the most diverse selection of pizza makers to choose from, as ever before. What sets Mr Gatti’s apart is our use of freshly prepared ingredients, made daily at each of our franchise locations, and the rich history behind the recipe we use. Our customers also love how well our other menu items, including salads and dipping sauces, pair with our pizza. Many have been loyal for decades, having tried Mr Gatti’s mouth-watering pizza and never looking at another slice the same way again.

Q: What are your franchise models?

Mr Gatti’s Pizza offers two franchise investment models: our Family Entertainment Center (FEC) and Delivery and Carryout Only (DELCO) models. The FEC model incorporates all aspects of a Mr Gatti’s franchise, combining our pizza menu with the entertainment center’s arcade games and party rooms. DELCO locations exclusively focus on food delivery and carryout service and require less real estate than an FEC location. While many customers opt to eat at our FEC’s buffet style, our FEC model also has delivery capabilities, if you choose to add that feature. Franchisees who invest in both models often find that Mr Gatti’s Pizza DELCO locations complement their FEC locations very well.

Q: What are the real estate size requirements for your franchise models?

Our FEC model is ideal for small and medium-sized communities, with a suggested size of around 12,500 square feet. The DELCO model requires less space since it does not need to accommodate dine-in, buffet, or arcade room space. The size recommendation for DELCOs is about 1,200 square feet.

Q: Does my franchise need to have an arcade room?

The arcade game room is a signature feature of our FEC concept and often provides a strong source of revenue for Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees. Each FEC location must have an arcade room, and each franchisee is required to own at least one FEC. DELCOs can be added as secondary locations and do not feature an arcade room.

Q: Do I need prior experience as a pizza business or restaurant owner to franchise with you?

While prior experience, or at least familiarity with owning a pizza franchise, is usually very helpful when opening and operating a Mr Gatti’s location, it is NOT a requirement. Candidates for a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise should simply bring a business-minded attitude, a passion for serving delicious pizza, and a desire to build a center where your community will eagerly gather!

Q: What are your franchise fees and investment costs?

The initial franchise fee for an FEC location is $50,000, and the estimated total cost can range from $1,213,656 to $1,466,839 (based on factors like restaurant size, real estate availability, and your desired market or territory). The initial franchise fee for a DELCO location is $25,000, with the estimated total cost ranging from $386,100 to $603,500.

Opening a new pizza franchise does not have to be impossibly complicated or left to fall on your shoulders. Choosing a leading franchisor with years of experience helping entrepreneurs become successful partners can make all the difference – even more reason why you should join the Mr Gatti’s Pizza team today!

Have more questions about our pizza, games, and parties? Contact us today and we’ll show how they can drive revenue for your Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise!


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