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How We Help Our Franchisees Become Hometown Heroes

March 13, 2023
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Many of today’s most successful business leaders have found that their ability to build up their ventures has allowed them to become hometown heroes in their community. Earning this reputation has given their businesses all kinds of benefits, including the ability to establish a loyal customer base and quickly attract consumers who are new to the area.

Generating results like these is particularly important in tight-knit communities, especially as local consumers are very mindful of where they spend their money these days. A standard, run-of-the-mill business will likely face an uphill battle to win over consumers in these areas – particularly if they haven’t already earned a reputation as a fan-favorite with the local population. For those looking to invest in a business venture with a decorated history, a highly recognizable brand name, and close ties to communities throughout multiple territories, owning Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise locations could be the perfect fit.

At Mr Gatti’s, we’ve spent multiple decades earning a reputation for serving delicious pizza in a welcoming environment that is fun for all members of the community. Today, we’re looking to continue building on that legacy with new family entertainment centers (FECs) that can recreate this experience. Our team is confident that those who visit Mr Gatti’s Pizza locations will be eager to stop by again and again – whether they are still in the same community or move to a new area. We firmly believe that whichever market you choose will have more than enough demand from intrigued customers who have been waiting for an FEC franchise to enter their town. It’s a major reason Mr Gatti’s offers franchise opportunities in so many widespread territories.

A Top Name in Pizza and Community Entertainment

Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees know all about what it takes to become hometown heroes, and our rich brand history is proof of this. Beginning with our founder Mr. James Eure’s first pizza shop in 1964, we first focused on creating the freshest and most delicious pizza possible. With real cheese, yeast-risen dough made fresh every day, tomatoes picked from harvest to make our signature tangy pizza sauce, and a variety of toppings, our pizza quickly became a hit everywhere we introduced it. Our pizza remains so popular that we are able to offer delivery and carryout only (DELCO) locations under the Mr Gatti’s Pizza brand and still compete with full-service top pizza makers in the areas we operate.

It became clear to Mr Gatti's, however, that our business could go much further than just selling pizza. While we soon began offering other menu items that paired well with our famous pizza, our business model also expanded into the entertainment center industry. With that, people soon started flocking to the new Mr Gatti’s locations near them, finding we are unique among other FECs in the industry. While some of our competitors solely focus on catering to young children, a Mr Gatti’s FEC location can play host to a great time for all members of the community. We’ve been known to welcome events and gatherings ranging from work outings to conferences and even fundraisers. This attracts a larger pool of customers for our franchisees to rely on as they grow their business and reputation.

What Fuels Our Franchisees

Of course, what allows Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees to become community leaders is not just about our franchise business model and opportunity. It also has much to do with the qualities our franchisees bring with them when they launch a new location with us. These qualities are not always related to a franchisee’s prior background or experiences; it doesn’t take a former chef or pizza maker to realize the full potential that a Mr Gatti’s FEC franchise offers. In our experience, the best Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees typically:

  • Visit and manage each of their locations on a daily basis
  • Regularly interact with other members of their community
  • Implement feedback they receive from their customers and the Mr Gatti’s team
  • Know what it takes to run a successful business and will follow through with it
  • Dedicate themselves to raising their franchise’s level of quality
  • Can meet our standards for a credit and background check
  • Bring a high level of energy and a strong work ethic
  • Lead by example for the staff they hire at their locations

There is plenty of proof to support our claim that Mr Gatti’s Pizza offers an excellent franchise opportunity. Our track record in the industry shows that we can give entrepreneurs a chance to become a hometown hero in their local communities. With the right mindset and focus, franchising with Mr Gatti’s can be an accessible pathway to reaching the top of the pizza and entertainment industries in the same business venture.

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