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What to Expect from the Family Entertainment Center Market

April 14, 2023
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Family entertainment centers (FECs) have been a popular form of recreational fun for people for many years. Recent studies show that the FEC market is well-positioned to generate consumer demand and continued growth for the next several years.

Of course, projections and trends like these are drawing the eye of an increasing number of investors looking to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are an entrepreneur looking to enter the FEC market, it’s worth considering franchising with an established, popular, and experienced brand like Mr Gatti’s Pizza.

For the past 54+ years, the Mr Gatti’s brand name has become synonymous with wholesome family fun for community members of all ages. We’ve earned this stellar reputation through the unique combination of delicious pizza, entertaining games, and memorable parties that are enjoyed at each of our FEC franchises.

Some of our most loyal customers originally formed their first memories at a Mr Gatti’s location years ago, and they are still eager to return to our FECs again and again. This is why we’re so excited to build a franchise opportunity for investors like you who know the potential that exists in the FEC market today.

FECs Are a Huge Attraction

smiling mother and triumphing little daughter playing air hockey in family entertainment center

Families and large groups may sometimes find it difficult to agree on an activity to do together - some may not find the activity enjoyable, while others might not find it practical. Events like live sports games and concerts can sometimes be logistical nightmares. Other standard outings, like visits to the park or the beach, rely on cooperative weather and can still become stale over time.

Family entertainment centers, on the other hand, offer a variety of ways to have fun so that few experiences are ever exactly the same. This leaves guests feeling motivated to return after each visit, as they form fond memories with each other at their local FEC and become loyal customers.

Mr Gatti’s serves as a prime example of the great entertainment value at FECs, thanks to the game and party rooms at each of our locations. Our game rooms contain an immersive arcade area where guests of all ages can play their favorite titles together. The Mr Gatti’s team carefully helps you select each game so that your room has enough appeal for everyone and isn’t exclusively geared toward young children like some other FECs.

We advise that you take a balanced approach in selecting arcade titles for the game room so that there are enough classic or vintage games that will appeal to as many guests as possible. We also work alongside you to ensure that each arcade game is family-friendly so that those with young children will feel comfortable letting them explore and try each title with minimal restrictions.

The party rooms at each Mr Gatti’s FEC franchise also play a significant role in welcoming large groups to the locations. These areas allow guests to enjoy a private space to eat and interact with each other. While other FECs sometimes only permit these rooms to be used for birthday parties, Mr Gatti’s uses them to host a wider variety of gatherings, including:

  • Professional work team outings
  • Fundraisers
  • Conferences
  • And plenty more!

Our Pizza and Other Delicious Menu Items Help Our Franchise Stand Out

happy father and son giving high five while playing air hockey in family entertainment center

The food that some FEC brands serve at their locations can be a bit of a weak spot with customers if they even elect to serve food at all. Guests can easily taste the food’s low quality if it is not up to par – which motivates them to leave early in search of a more satisfying experience or not return at all.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees do not share this same concern because our food has been a top focus of our brand from the very beginning! Pizza is more than just a part of our name – it’s a critical aspect of what has built the Mr Gatti’s franchise model into one of the best in the FEC market. Our pizza is made fresh daily in all our locations using authentic ingredients, like hand-kneaded dough, sauce from ripe tomatoes, savory cheeses, and fresh toppings.

Our pizza recipe has become so well known that some customers visit our franchise locations just to grab a bite to eat. The Mr Gatti’s menu is popular enough that we have been able to build delivery and carryout-only (DELCO) locations that exclusively focus on selling food while still being successful opportunities for our franchisees.

Family entertainment centers have been staples of community gatherings for quite some time. To invest in one that is truly capable of standing out from the rest of the FEC industry,  consider franchising with Mr Gatti’s Pizza. Thanks to our rich history, loyal customer base, and strong business model, we’ll be ready to help you open the FEC business of your dreams.

Contact us to learn more about Mr Gatti’s FEC franchise opportunities today!

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