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Why the DELCO Pizza Franchise Model Could Work for You

February 6, 2023
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When ordering food from just about any business in the restaurant industry, consumers seem to be placing a higher value on convenience than ever before – especially when it comes to DELCO pizza locations. Many restaurant owners have noticed a greater preference for carryout and delivery orders with their customers. It's not surprising that the food delivery app industry alone is expected to grow to $320 billion by 2029.

This growth in consumer preference and market size is expected to help delivery and carryout-only (DELCO) stores, no matter what kind of food they specialize in. However, it should especially favor foods already commonly ordered as carryout or delivery items, such as pizza. Entrepreneurs who choose to franchise with a brand known for serving delicious pizza, like Mr Gatti’s Pizza, should be able to capitalize on this trend even further.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has spent the last 50+ years perfecting the tastiest pizza possible, while serving it in a fun and engaging family entertainment center (FEC) environment that can appeal to the entire community. While our combination of pizza, games, and parties has done enough over our years in business to let our FEC franchise speak for itself, it’s not the only part of what makes our franchise opportunity so great. We’ve also developed a DELCO pizza franchise model that allows our franchisees an even greater opportunity to earn significant revenue thanks to high consumer demand for our flavorful pizza and convenient pickup and delivery capabilities.

Our Fresh Pizza Makes a Great Foundation

The Mr Gatti’s DELCO franchise model focuses exclusively on our crowd-pleasing pizza to satisfy the cravings of consumers who do not have the time or resources available to visit our FEC locations. While we traditionally serve our pizza buffet-style at our FEC franchises, the DELCO location remains true to its name by only offering carryout and delivery options. It’s the perfect format for customers rushing to get home for their next meal but can’t resist our iconic pizza.

What makes our pizza so great is the tried and tested recipe we follow and the authentic ingredients we freshly prepare each pizza with. It begins with a sauce that is fresh-packed four hours from harvest and spread across dough that is hand-made every day at each Mr Gatti’s Pizza location. We then use a unique age-smoked Provolone cheese before adding high-quality vegetables, meats, and other requested toppings to fit the customer’s order. It all combines to offer a distinct flavor that other pizza makers fail to duplicate with the frozen, re-heated, and less-than-fresh ingredients they use to cut costs.

While some pizza places would be satisfied with only perfecting their pizza, Mr Gatti’s franchisees can also rely on our savory dipping sauces and mouth-watering sides to complete a well-rounded menu. Most, if not all, of these additional items are frequently ordered and paired alongside our pizza and enjoyed by Mr Gatti’s customers, who have been fans of our menu for many years. Combining our appealing menu and favorable prices with the added convenience of carryout and delivery has made our DELCO franchises a top destination for our loyal customers.

Owning a DELCO Franchise

Another advantage of owning a DELCO pizza franchise with Mr Gatti’s is that it requires less real estate compared to our traditional FEC locations. We typically suggest a store size of 1,200 square feet for each of our DELCO locations so that it has ample room to hold a kitchen area, coolers, freezers, ovens, and other necessary equipment to prepare orders for customers. Some of our franchisees have found even greater success by surrounding their FEC locations with DELCO stores. This way, the DELCOs can serve as a gateway and funnel consumers to the full experience at the franchisee’s FEC.

Other competitive advantages our DELCO model offers Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchisees include:

  • Reduced workload by eliminating dine-in capabilities
  • Lower staffing requirements
  • Ability to partner with popular third-party delivery services

For several reasons, Mr Gatti’s Pizza has become one of the most popular brands in the pizza franchise market, with consumers and entrepreneurs alike. It goes beyond just our delicious pizza and incredible fun offered at our entertainment centers. The franchise opportunity we have built today is full of growth potential because of our commitment to innovation and matching consumer preferences that are driving the industry. This same focus is what has allowed Mr Gatti’s DELCO locations to thrive under the ownership of our franchisees – and why it could do the same for you!

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