Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Is Making Headlines

Beloved pizza brand’s return to Texas towns begins a newsworthy resurgence in markets across the U.S.

Gatti's Pizza FranchiseGatti’s Pizza franchise is in the middle of an exciting growth and expansion effort, and new restaurants are opening recently in Texas as part of our revitalization and resurgence to the market. When a new restaurant opens, it’s a newsworthy event because there’s usually great demand for the delicious food and family fun we are famous for.

With a goal of 300 locations open by 2022, Gatti’s is recruiting entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who would like to bring Mr. Gatti’s or Gatti’s Pizza to their communities.

“We are eager to introduce a new generation of fans to our great pizza and family-friendly atmosphere,” said Michael Poates, president of Gatti’s Pizza. “With the emergence of the new wave of pizza options sweeping the restaurant industry, the time is right to reintroduce the original Mr. Gatti’s concept and bring in new franchisees who are excited about the brand and our product.”

Media outlets take notice of Gatti’s Pizza franchise

Our restaurant openings make news because we have an incredible, celebrated history. Our revitalization and growth strategy centers around a “refresh” of the original Mr. Gatti’s restaurants, bringing back many of the features that made us such a mainstay in the ’70s and ’80s. When a Mr. Gatti’s or Gatti’s Pizza opens in a new town or returns to a community, there’s instant demand for the pizza and fun we’re remembered for.

Take a look at the media coverage our new Mr. Gatti’s and Gatti’s Pizza restaurants have received in Texas:

An interview with Michael in West FWLifestyle, “The New Museum Place Mr. Gatti’s Reintroduces the Restaurant to Fort Worth — and Stands as a Revitalization of the Brand”:

“A legend in the pizza business has returned to Fort Worth via a new flagship location at 3268 W. Seventh. Mr. Gatti’s has served up great pizza and fond memories for Texans for almost 50 years. Though the institution has opened almost 100 locations across the country, it has always called Texas home. Practically everyone can pleasantly recall birthday parties or a day out with the family, thanks to the pizza and atmosphere of a Mr. Gatti’s or GattiTown.”

Read the entire article here:

An article in the Star-Telegram, “Fort Worth owners cooking up growth recipe for Mr. Gatti’s, Gigi’s Cupcakes”:

“If you’ve been in the Cultural District lately, you may have noticed the new Mr. Gatti’s Pizza on the west end of Museum Place, near Van Cliburn Way. Next door, a sign announces an upcoming location for Gigi’s Cupcakes.

“It’s no coincidence the two will be next to each other. Both chains are now based just a couple of blocks away, in the former Bombay office building on Bailey Avenue.

“Over the past two years, Fort Worth investors purchased Mr. Gatti’s, a nearly half-century-old chain known for its locations near Texas university campuses, and Gigi’s Cupcakes, an upscale bakery franchise out of Nashville.”

Read the entire article here:

An interview with Michael on the Franchise Today podcast episode, “Private Equity Helps Pizza Dough Rise to New Height”:

Michael discusses Gatti’s resurgence in the market, amid Gatti’s celebrated history that creates built-in brand recognition. In the booming pizza industry, Gatti’s stands out as a proven opportunity, and Michael tells listeners why.

During the 45 minute interview with host Stan Friedman, Michael highlights Gatti’s remarkable growth and revitalization strategy that centers around a reinvigoration of the original Mr. Gatti’s restaurants, popular in the ’70s and ’80s.

Read more about the podcast and find the link to listen to the entire episode here.

Ready to make news headlines in your neighborhood?

There is likely already big demand for a Mr. Gatti’s or Gatti’s Pizza in your town, thanks to the good will and nostalgia of our brand. This connection to the past makes Gatti’s a smart buy for franchisees and investors because expensive marketing spending is not necessary to ramp up brand awareness.

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