Three Reasons to Become a Gatti’s Pizza Franchisee

Gatti’s Pizza franchise is recruiting new franchisees for rapid nationwide expansion

Now is the perfect time to join Gatti’s Pizza franchise, as our storied and beloved brand is being reinvigorated with a nationwide growth and expansion plan. Gatti’s Pizza is looking to partner with entrepreneurs throughout the 10 states with existing franchises and is targeting 17 additional states for franchise development.

“We have a goal to reach an additional 10 franchise locations by year’s end and aim to reach as many as 35 by the close of 2018,” says Jack Sibley, Vice President of Franchise Development for Gatti’s Pizza. “With 42 franchisees in 76 locations across the country, we are growing rapidly as families everywhere are demanding the kind of restaurant experience Gatti’s offers. Our brand has a legacy of great food, good memories and wholesome fun — a welcome addition to most communities across the country.”

3 reasons why joining Gatti’s Pizza franchise is a smart move

These three reasons make a Gatti’s Pizza franchise a best-bet investment for entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who are eager to join a brand with a long history of customer loyalty and nostalgia.

The demand is great.

Gatti’s Pizza has huge potential in the $46 billion pizza industry. According to the Toast Restaurant Management Blog (, pizza is a favorite with most Americans, as 41% eat pizza weekly and 68% order pizza to go at least once a month. Pizza has the unique ability to “maintain a classic feel combined with a modern flair of new flavor” and is a “staple in American food culture.”

Fast-casual sales — especially in the pizza category — continue to dominate the restaurant scene, growing by 11.5% in 2015 over the previous year, according to Technomic’s 2015 Top 500 Chain Restaurants report and reported in the Forbes article, “The Continued Rise of Fast-Casual Pizza”; the rest of the industry only grew at a rate of 4.1%. Of the fast-casual brands to top Technomic’s list, three of the five were fast-casual pizza brands.

Two franchise models offer perfect fits for virtually any community.

Whether your community is large or small, urban or suburban, Gatti’s Pizza offers two franchise models that vary in cost and size and are targeted to a range of income levels.

    • Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Model – The Latest in Fast-Casual Family Pizzeria. An upscale, fast-casual dining experience that’s suitable for the whole family, but offers beer and wine; a great fit for communities with larger populations of high-wage households in excess of $75,000; features include a wood-fired pizza oven, upscale menu offerings and a gelato bar.
    • Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Model – The Family Buffet with Midway Arcade. Family pizza buffet featuring our signature Midway arcade; ideal for small and medium communities, with a footprint ranging from 3,500 to 7,000 square feet; thrives in communities with incomes ranging from $55,000 – $80,000; our most nostalgic and classic model, Gatti’s Pizza boasts a 40-year history of customer loyalty.

High-quality, delicious foods, and a unique experience define Gatti’s Pizza.

Regardless of the Gatti’s Pizza model you choose, you’ll create a hub of excitement and fun in your community. Your Gatti’s Pizza restaurant will be the gathering spot for families, sports teams, and school and church groups to enjoy delicious food and make memories as they celebrate birthdays, tournament victories and the start of summer vacation. Our franchise owners today enjoy serving up the same menu items, made with the highest-quality ingredients, and the wholesome, family fun that has defined our legacy for almost 50 years.

“Our goal is to reconnect the brand to a loyal and passionate customer base that have now become parents and, thus, use that original consumer to introduce the brand to a new generation of guests,” Michael says. “Since the introduction of new Mr. Gatti’s restaurants, we are hearing from guests who have great memories of Mr. Gatti’s when they were kids and are excited about being able to introduce their kids to one of their favorite childhood experiences.”

Bring Gatti’s Pizza franchise to your town today

If you’re interested in opening a Gatti’s Pizza in your community, we want to talk with you. Find out more by visiting our research pages, requesting a copy of our free Franchise Information Report or by calling 1-800-587-1847.

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