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Mr Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Review: Meet George Kash

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How an entrepreneur followed his mother’s footsteps by investing in the nation’s premier pizza franchise

While many of us have happy childhood memories of sharing pizza with our family on Friday nights, George Kash was lucky enough to experience pizza on a daily basis growing up in Cedar Park, Texas. George’s mother, Mary Kash, became the very first franchisee with Mr Gatti’s Pizza in 1972, and established herself as a successful businesswoman for several decades. Now, nearly 45 years later, George has expanded on his mother’s business, turning it into a multi-unit operation with 8 locations around the area north of Austin.

George credits both of his parents for instilling in him an unwavering work ethic, though it is his mother’s disciplined and passionate example as a restaurateur that continues to guide him in his own business.

“Both of my parents worked when I was growing up,” George says. “My father worked for IBM as a manager, and my mom was in the restaurant from sun up to sundown. Anyone who knows the restaurant industry will tell you that it’s a seven day job, every week, without fail. I learned from my mother that this business required you to be there, not because you have to be, but because you’re passionate about making your business grow.”

After graduating from college in political science with the hopes of working for the FBI, George’s mother talked him into coming to work for her part-time. Eventually, he realized that he shared his mother’s enthusiasm for the pizza business and for what the Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise means to the communities it serves.

“I fell in love with this business, and specifically the Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise business,” George says. “There’s something about the restaurant business that really takes a hold of your life. It’s exciting, and it gets in your blood. With Mr Gatti’s Pizza, there is so much to be enthusiastic about because the product is so good! We do not cut corners on the quality of our pizza, and the same goes for our customer service, which is exemplary. These are the reasons why our stores are so profitable. Our community chooses to support us because they love our pizza, and they love how they’re treated when they come to eat with us.”

George took over his mother’s store when she decided to retire from the pizza business, and ever since then, he’s focused on scaling up to multiple locations. After opening eight locations, he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. George wants to open an additional five locations in his market in the coming years.

“There’s not a lot of businesses that offer opportunities for second and third generation owners,” he says. “Mr Gatti’s Pizza is much, much different than Papa John’s or Pizza Hut, because this a family business that focuses on taking care of families. Our product is so good that if the owner is passionate about it, the staff will be passionate, and that enthusiasm is translated to the customers. Mr Gatti’s Pizza has provided me with a lifestyle that is above and beyond what I could have had if I had chosen to follow my college degree into law enforcement. It’s been a tremendous blessing.”

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has been one of the most beloved names in the pizza industry since 1969.  After nearly fifty years in business, Mr Gatti’s Pizza is in the midst of a rapid expansion.   Mr Gatti’s Pizza is a smart choice for investors who want to own a business they can be passionate about, with tremendous national name recognition and an executive team that is committed to helping you grow and prosper.

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has helped entrepreneurs like George and his family thrive for decades, and he has some expert advice for those interested in bringing Mr Gatti’s Pizza to their communities:

“Now is a great time to invest in Mr Gatti’s Pizza for a driven entrepreneur who wants to put in the work,” George says. “It’s tough work but it’s ultimately worth it if you’re diligent and put in the effort to make your business grow. You cannot manage this business from afar. I have nine stores, and so I am in the business every day. Our executive team is the best one we’ve ever had, and they understand how to support their franchisees. They also understand, as I do, that a drive to succeed has to come from you. If you have that drive and are willing to go to work everyday, then Mr Gatti’s Pizza is a great opportunity.”

Ready to open a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise in your community? The time is now!

Mr Gatti’s is actively recruiting entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and investors who want to bring Mr Gatti’s famous pizza and family entertainment centers to their communities. Open markets are available in 15 states across the Southeast and Mid-West.

To learn more, start researching the franchise opportunity here or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.