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Mr Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Innovates Menu

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Mr. Gatti’s Pizza introduces new items as a test run for franchisees system-wide

The popular Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise recently rolled out new menu selections guaranteed to please franchise owners and customers alike. Delicious chicken wings are now a permanent fixture on all Mr Gatti’s menus throughout the country. Additionally, for a limited time, a variety of crowd-pleasing, daily specials are available to customers at select locations.

A plate of buffalo style chicken wings with celery and blue cheese with a beer on a bar or restaurant table.

The menu additions provide a prime opportunity for franchise owners to capitalize on busy holiday season and throughout the year by offering customers exciting new dining options and specials. Mr Gatti’s is committed to helping its franchise owners offer the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.

Wings and pizza are a natural and tasty combination for parties and social gatherings.   We’re also happy to gift consumers with some weekday specials to fill them up, while still being light on their wallet.

Mr Gatti’s new chicken wings are available as oven-roasted wings or boneless bites, ensuring that traditional and nontraditional wing-lovers are equally delighted. Customers have the choice of five sauces including Hot, Super hot, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, and Sweet Chili. The addition of wings to Mr Gatti’s core menu is yet another way for Mr Gatti’s franchise owners to increase revenue while appealing to an even broader clientele.

Like Mr Gatti’s pizza, which features the restaurant’s signature sauce made from fresh-packed tomatoes and a proprietary blend of herbs and spices and hand-rolled and twice-risen dough, Mr Gatti’s wings are made from the highest-quality and freshest ingredients.

Mr Gatti’s has also launched exciting, limited-time offered daily specials. Customers at participating Mr Gatti’s locations will enjoy Beat the Clock Mondays, Double Down Tuesdays, and BOGO Wednesdays. Before launching these items system-wide with out franchisees, we are testing it in our corporate locations in different markets across the Southwest and Midwest

The rapidly-growing and ever-popular Mr Gatti’s franchise continues to grow it’s brand throughout the Southeast and Midwest. For more than 50 years, Mr Gatti’s has been beloved by families throughout the country.  

The future of Mr Gatti’s is extremely bright.  We have a model focused on customer service, authenticity and family entertainment. We are defining our future by revisiting our past. Communities that grew up with Mr Gatti’s are able to share great memories of their youth with the next generation.  Enhancing the bonds among people and communities is really at the essence of our brand.”

Mr Gatti’s Pizza locations typically range from 5,000 to 30,000 square feet and enjoy huge popularity in communities with average annual household income ranges of $60,000 to $85,000. Did you know that 41% of Americans eat pizza weekly and 68% order pizza to go at least once a month ( Mr Gatti’s franchise owners have the potential to tap into American appetites and the incredible $46 billion pizza industry.

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Mr Gatti’s is actively looking to open new franchises in more than 15 states. Learn more about becoming a part of the Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise family by visiting our research pages or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.