Michael Poates, President of Gatti’s Pizza, Featured on ‘Franchise Today’ Podcast

Discussion focuses on brand’s resurgence and why now is a great time to franchise with Gatti’s

Michael Poates, Gatti's Pizza President and CEO

Michael Poates – President & CEO

Michael Poates, President of Gatti’s Pizza, is the featured guest on a recent episode, “Private Equity Helps Pizza Dough Rise to New Height,” of the Franchise Today podcast.

Michael discusses Gatti’s resurgence in the market, amidst Gatti’s celebrated history that creates built-in brand recognition. In the booming pizza industry, Gatti’s stands out as a proven opportunity, and Michael tells listeners why.

During the 45 minute interview with host Stan Friedman, Michael highlights Gatti’s remarkable growth and revitalization strategy that centers around a reinvigoration of the original Mr. Gatti’s restaurants, popular in the 70s and 80s. “I don’t call it a turnaround as much as a reenergizing of the brand,” Michael says.

Michael also talks about the power of nostalgia among Gatti’s customers, as well as his trust in and capability of the Gatti’s team who will lead the brand to reach its goal of 300 locations by 2022. Michael says, “To let businesses turn, you have to have the strength and character to let people do their job.”

Listen to Michael’s complete interview on the Franchise Today podcast here.

Gatti’s announces brand-new franchise recruiting website

Michael’s podcast interview is just one way we are spreading the good news of Gatti’s exciting pizza market comeback. Gatti’s also launched a brand-new franchise development website, gattispizzafranchise.com, designed for prospective franchisees who want to research and become part of the Gatti’s brand. The website features every aspect of franchise ownership, including the brand’s history, costs and fees, interviews with franchise owners, informative videos with key Gatti’s executives and much more!

Gatti’s is actively recruiting entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and investors who want to bring Gatti’s famous pizza and family entertainment centers to their communities. Open markets are available in 15 states across the Southeast and Mid-West.

To learn more, start researching the franchise opportunity here or request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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