Mr Gatti’s Pizza Franchise Review: Meet Diane Barnette

Longtime franchisee in West Virginia opens up about why the premier pizza franchise is ideal for small towns

If you can believe it, for a long time the people in the small town of Logan, WV didn’t have anywhere to go if they wanted to get a great tasting pizza and great entertainment. Luckily for the community of Logan, Diane Barnette decided to rectify this problem by opening a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise in the same shopping center that houses the multiplex cinema she has owned for several years.

Since 2008, her Mr Gatti’s Pizza location has won the hearts of the community she serves. It’s a popular destination for birthday parties, after school celebrations, and a great evening out for families and friends who want to get together and enjoy high-quality, authentic pizza in an exciting and playful atmosphere.

“Before we opened, we didn’t have a place for families to go for entertainment and pizza,” Diane says. “We didn’t have a place where children could have a blast in a game room. We didn’t have have a special place for birthday parties. When we learned about Mr Gatti’s pizza, we knew that it would be a big hit here, and it was something that our community really needed. We turned out to be completely right.”

Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise is ideally suited to small towns like Logan. Our restaurants emphasize the family, placing them in an environment that is designed to create lasting memories. Beginning with our beloved pizza, which is made from the highest quality ingredients, is uniquely our creation. Our founder, Mr. James Eure, perfected the signature pizza that continues to delight our guests to this day by using yeast-risen dough made fresh every day, our signature tangy pizza sauce and toppings that can’t be topped.Our game rooms, with hundreds of family-friendly arcade games, inspire joy and connection in the hearts and minds of our customers.

“In our small town we provide a service that was sorely lacking in our area before we opened,” Diane says. “Before we opened, the youth in our community didn’t really have a place to go. Churches didn’t have a place to go to gather for their youth groups, and ball teams didn’t have a place to go after practice. Our restaurant is the largest restaurant in Logan County for a reason. No other restaurant can cater to families and their children like we do.”

Diane’s restaurant has become something like a community center for 40,000+ people that live in the area surrounding Logan. She regularly hosts entire classes on field trips, graduation parties, and groups of all kinds meet there to celebrate and be together.

“Being able to provide a great place for my community is the biggest reward,” Diane says. “The kids come in and they love it. They get to have fun, they laugh, they get excited, which makes their parents thrilled because their kids are having a good time. Everyone is safe, fed and full. That’s the best reward.”

Mr Gatti’s Pizza has been one of the most beloved names in the pizza industry since 1969.  After over fifty years in business, Mr Gatti’s Pizza is in the midst of a rapid expansion to grow the brand. 

Ready to open a Mr Gatti’s Pizza franchise in your community? The time is now!

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